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How Can Hypnotherapy Help You?

Hypnotherapy can help anyone to overcome a wide range of issues some of which are listed below. One method to achieve is through Suggestion Therapy. Delivering positive suggestion to the subconscious mind the critical factor is relaxed (the hypnoidal state). Then we can modify limiting ideas to bring about positive change both physically and mentally.
Hypnotherapy for Children:
Think of the situation where a child falls over and hurts their knee - the mother calms this child by giving the Bo-Bo a “healing kiss” as if by magic, the child’s knee automatically begins to feel better. This is an example of waking hypnosis being used by a mother, whether she consciously realizes it or not.

Unfortunately, there are still many misconceptions that are held by both children and adults alike regarding hypnosis – some of these come from the parents, friends family but in the majority of cases, television is responsible. An example can be found in the Disney film, Aladdin, which depicts an evil sorcerer using hypnosis to “magically” make his victims obey his commands. However, more often than not, children are drawn to the “mysticism” of hypnosis, and any fears and misconceptions can be corrected before the start of each session.

As a general rule, hypnosis may not be as effective with children under the age of 5. This is due to the inability to build the necessary rapport, as well as, children of this age may prefer not to close their eyes or sit still for long periods of time. Subliminal or Hypnotherapy CDs played while the child sleeps, may be helpful to overcome their issue, without engaging them in their awake state.

Here are some of the areas where we can help you
Smoking Cessation
Hypnotherapy has a great success record helping people quit smoking.
Smoking, the leading cause of nicotine dependence, due to repeated use, result in smoking addiction and serious health problems.  Smoking addiction has an emotional, physical, and a dependency component.  When this it is incredibly difficult to leave behind because it enters into so many facets of our lives. The physical craving can be intense, driven by the Nicotine addiction and facilitate the emotional satisfaction.
The great advantage of Hypnotherapy over other Stop Smoking is that Hypnotherapy can address all the elements associated with this addiction, “Dependency to Nicotine, Physical Cravings, Emotional Satisfaction”  at the same time.  Thus end the false emotional support of a cigarette, and also using techniques for tapping into one's own resources of calmness, internal empowerment.
Weight issues
Food, our friend and sometimes our worst foe, our comfort, yet for some causes much discomfort, our security, haven, retreat and our strength yet exposes the under-belly of our deepest vulnerability. We use it to celebrate our achievements and our and to punish our mistakes and failures. This unconscious response to food is embedded in us due to conditioning and environmental factors.
Important factors
Food is often used as a coping mechanism by those with weight problems, particularly when they are sad, anxious, stressed, lonely, bored, and or frustrated. In there appears to be a perpetual cycle of mood disturbance, overeating, and weight gain. When they feel distressed, they turn to food to help cope, and though such comfort eating may result in temporary attenuation of their distressed mood, the weight gain that results may cause a dysphoric mood due to their inability to control their stress. The resulting guilt may reactivate the cycle, leading to a continuous pattern of using food to cope with emotions. This pattern is particularly applicable if there is a genetic predisposition for obesity or a “toxic” environment in which calorically dense foods are readily available and physical activity is limited. Unfortunately, these circumstances are common.
Other factors include problematic eating behaviors such as “mindless eating,” frequent snacking on high caloric foods, overeating, and night eating referred to as “Binge eating”  (BE) characterized by: recurrent episodes of eating during a discrete period of time and eating quantities of food that are larger than most people would eat during a similar amount of time; a sense of lack of control during the episodes; and guilt or distress following the episodes. An important differentiation between BE and bulimia/anorexia is that BE is not associated with any regular compensatory behaviors, such as purging, fasting, or excessive exercise, so the majority of individuals with overweight.
Cognitive and sub-cognitive Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss
Cognitive and Sub-cognitive Hypnotherapy can be used as part of a program of lifestyle modification with diet and exercise. This cognitive conditioning combined with Hypnotherapy has been proven to be a very effective therapy model, ( an causation) usually used in weekly sessions lasting 45-75 minutes, over a six-month period. Our Clients generally have lost  15-25% of their initial body weight. A higher frequency of sessions is recommended in the initial stage (first month) of Sessions.
In Sub-cognitive conditioning (Hypnotherapy), eating behaviors are associated with other activities. The behaviors become conditioned to occur together, as when a person eats nachos while watching the evening news. If these two behaviors are paired repeatedly, they become so strongly associated with one another that turning on the news alone triggers a craving for nachos. Behavior intervention involves identifying and shifting the inappropriate or environmental or other triggers and cues.
Operant conditioning uses reinforcement and consequences. A person who uses food as a reward or to temporarily attenuate stress will associate food with a more pleasurable state, which makes it more likely to become a repeated behavior
Working on both the conscious awareness regarding the relationship to food and our  Subconscious triggers  Hypnotherapy have been proven to be an important overcoming of overweight. Cognitions influence both feelings and behaviors, and they cannot be ignored when handling obesity.  Both the behaviors and triggers must to, in the management of Weight, as a way to help individuals change their negative eating behaviors and incorporate healthy lifestyle changes. These Hypnotherapy interventions and other self-monitoring techniques (e.g. food and exercise journals), stress management, stimulus control (e.g. eating only at the dining table, drinking more water throughout the day), social support, problem solving, and cognitive restructuring (e.g. helping clients have more realistic weight loss goals, avoidance of stress triggers and challenging of self-defeating beliefs).
Stress management
Hypnotherapy has been proven, time and again, to be enormously effective at reducing, and managing stress. Stress continues to be linked to more and more health problems, as well as having the general effect of reducing our enjoyment of life. Not only can Hypnotherapy be used to reduce stress reactions in the specific situations, but through can make to the way we deal with life, and how we feel each and every day.
Overcoming Phobias
Because hypnotherapy is exceptionally useful in helping us re-evaluate past events, and change our emotional reactions to them, hypnotherapy has been shown to be very effective at helping people overcome phobias. Most phobias (irrational levels of fear response to particular situations) are caused by one or more past events that the subconscious mind has failed to deal with effectively. Hypnotherapy techniques can uncover these experiences and help emotional healing so that they no longer have such dramatic effects on present emotional responses and reactions.
Insomnia/Sleep disorders
Insomnia, and other sleep disorders such as night terrors and bed-wetting, often have a very strong psychological basis which hypnotherapy can help to resolve. Uncovering the reasons for stress, fear, and the inability to relax can all help lessen these conditions, and hypnotherapy can be used to teach the body and mind new ways of dealing with these problems, offering a way to resolve them.
General anxiety, nervousness, stage fright and exam nerves
Because hypnotherapy can deal with the root of emotional states, it can be a very effective way of changing our emotional responses to particular and can help improve our general sense of well-being. All of these problems are related to the way we subconsciously respond to particular situations, and how our emotions may negative behavior. Hypnotherapy can help deal with any underlying cause, and install positive thought processes increasing general confidence and optimism, whilst reducing fears to sensible, manageable levels.
Enhancing creativity/overcoming 'blocks'
Most creative people experience a downturn in their creative output at some stage. However, this may become far more severe leading to extended periods of time where little or no work can be done. Hypnotherapy can address the underlying emotional cause of these problems, examine the states of mind which are most effective for creativity, and help 'fire up' the imagination with creative visualization, finding methods to access our natural subconscious inspiration. As well as helping with specific blocks, there are a number of techniques which can help to enhance creativity in a more general sense, even when there is no specific problem to deal with.
Alcohol dependency
Alcoholism: A dependency, Drinking excessive amounts of alcoholic beverages. Characterized by (although sometimes subtle) compulsive and uncontrolled behavior during and after the consumption of alcohol, usually to the detriment of the drinker's health, relationships, and social standing. alcoholism can be helped.  of alcoholism can be quite varied complex (some of these elements are: sexual abuse, physical and mental abuse, stress, anxiety, sleep disorder, fears, fatigue loneliness, among others). Also in some cases, the need to be accepted socially “Social Drinkers”. Prolonged alcohol usage can, causes chemical change within the body. As the chemical change occurs, a physical and mental dependency develops.  Such brain chemistry change maintains the alcoholic's compulsive inability to stop drinking.  This person now risks
Identifying the underlying causation and the need it fulfills is perhaps the most essential element in the recovery process, this can then achieved through Hypnotherapy. Once the underlying causation is recognized, specific hypnotherapy model can then be employed to overcome and to maintain sobriety.
Anorexia, Bulimia and other eating disorders
Eating disorders are enormously complicated and difficult problems for individuals to overcome. However, hypnotherapy is becoming an increasingly valuable therapeutic tool for dealing with these severe problems. Hypnotherapy offers the means to evaluate and heal the emotional background to these conditions, as well as helping to install more positive thought processes, help remove destructive habits, and give clients a more positive, optimistic mind frame with which to deal with the world.

 Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
 Lack of self-esteem
 Learning difficulties, including dyslexia
 Destructive behavior
 Fears and phobias, particularly injections or visiting the dentist
 Habits, including bedwetting and thumb sucking
 Chronic pain
 Weight control
 Relationship problems, perhaps with a step-parent or sibling

The benefits of hypnotherapy don’t just end at when the child begins feeling better. Hypnosis works by empowering the child,  by allowing them to develop the skills to deal with any difficulties they may face in the future.
Here at Advanced Hypnotherapy of we are committed to providing the highest quality service to our clients. Our therapy engages multiple modalities, hypnotherapy, which conversational therapy or talk therapy which engages cognitive (logic and reasoning) and  NLP ( Programming) the language of the mind. Whatever is necessary to address the underlying causation.
Listed here are some of the other areas where Hypnotherapy can be helpful to both children and adults. 
* Drug Usage                                                   
* Alcoholism   
* Anger                                                             
* Anxiety 
* Body Shape                                               
* Childhood Trauma
* Chronic Pain (assessed by a physician)                               
* Fears (of flying , insects & etc.)   
* Fibromyalgia                                               
* Fidgety                                                         
* Guilt
* High Blood Pressure                          
* Job Performance  
* Lack of Motivation                              
* Low Self Esteem 
* Menopausal Symptoms such as hot and cold flashes 
* Mental Block                                           
* Migraines  
* Nausea                                                          
* Phobias
* Pain  (assessed by a physician) 
* Side effects associated with Chemotherapy
* Sleep Disorders                                      
* Smoking Cessation   
* Stress                                                             
Study Habits    
* Test Taking                                              
* Unwanted Habits         
* Weight loss/Gain
* Procrastination
* Bed Wetting
* Night Terrors/ Nightmares
* and more. 

Disclosure of Hypnotherapy Services
The service provided by our Hypnotherapist does not include the practice of medicine nor the practice of Psychology or Psychiatry as our Hypnotherapists are not Physicians or Healing Our services are and are adjunct to the healing arts services that are licensed by the state. During the Hypnotherapy Sessions, clients are completely aware of their surrounding and suggestions from the Hypnotherapist, persons may become so relaxed they rarely pay attention to anything but the voice of the Hypnotherapist. The ability to visualize or imagine may be enhanced. clients comment that they were truly relaxed, and have not been so relaxed in quite some time. Hypnosis is safe pleasurable and relaxing.

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