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Facts and Myths About Hypnosis 
1) Myth:   Hypnosis can be used as a truth serum.
     Truth: *You will reveal only what you choose.
                    *It is possible to lie and edit in hypnosis
 2) Myth:  The hypnotist can make you do things against your will.
      Truth:  *You will not surrender your will in hypnosis.
                     *You will never do something outside your moral code.
 3)  Myth:The strong minded are not easily hypnotized.  
      Truth: *Those with strong minds have vivid imaginations and    
                       the ability to focus, generating strong visualizations and so
                       can go into a  hypnotic state easily. 
                      *Being strong minded is usually confused with a  fear of being
                        controlled while in hypnosis.
 4)  Myth:  You can get stuck in Hypnosis or loose  consciousness.
      Truth:  *You are usually highly lucid and focused in hypnosis.
                      *If someone do fall asleep in hypnosis, it's because of how
                        relaxed they become. (The hypnoidal state is one we
                        experience all the time, as it is a natural state.) They then
                        will wake up when their body is no longer tired or when
                        awakened by the hypnotherapist.
 5)  Myth:  In Hypnosis, you are under the power and control of the
       Truth: *You always have the ability to challenge the authority of
                        the hypnotist, even while in the hypnoidal state.

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