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                    What is Hypnosis? 
Although most people have heard about hypnosis, many are not sure exactly what it is, how it works and how it could help them. Also there are many myths and misconceptions about its functions and effects.
A definition from the Hypnotherapy Academy of America.

Hypnosis is a natural yet altered state, where the critical factor is bypassed while selective thinking is maintained.
If you have ever watched a television show or movie and became really absorbed into the program, you were probably in a trance. This trance state is what caused you to not hear your mother calling you to dinner, until she raised her voice for the third time.
Another common example of this naturally occurring state of mind is when you are driving down the road, with your mind focused on some other task (a day dream perhaps), and next thing you know, you have passed your next turn. That is called "highway hypnosis".
So now you know that you can be hypnotized.
You have experienced this natural phenomenon literally thousands of times. You did it yourself inducing the hypnoidal state, as you daydreamed and missed that turn (self-hypnosis), you have been hypnotized when you enjoyed a television program(being hypnotized by someone else), and you have followed hypnotic and post-hypnotic suggestions when you preferred some brand name that you saw repeatedly on television over another (hypnotic compounding of suggestion).
Hypnosis (or the Hypnoidal state) is a naturally occurring state of mind which happens to us every day, multiple times a day. Each time we read a captivating novel, float off in a daydream or become engrossed in a movie, we are in a natural state of hypnosis.
Hypnotherapy is the use of the hypnoidal state ( the state of Hypnosis), along with specific therapeutic techniques (executed by a properly trained, Certified Hypnotherapist) to overcome issues being experienced and to reprogram the subconscious mind while giving supportive guidance to resolve the most pressing problems.


The practice hypnotism encompasses the induction of a hypnotic state by applying individualized techniques to induce hypnosis in order to assist clients with situational stress, altering habits such as smoking and weight management increasing client motivation in employment, the workplace, and in sports activities, and enhancing creativity and scholastic endeavors.
The practice of Hypnotherapy may include.
1) Interviewing a client to determine the nature of the client’s issues.
2) Assessing the clients responsiveness  to suggestions
3) Preparing the Client for Hypnotherapy, through an explanation of the process used as well as a description of the resulting hypnotic state to be experienced by clients.
4) Teaching self-hypnosis to clients
5) Inducing the hypnotic state
6) Applying hypnotic techniques

The service provided by our Hypnotherapist does not include the practice of medicine nor the practice of Psychology or Psychiatry as our Hypnotherapists are not Physicians or Healing Arts Practioners. Our services are non-diagnostic, and are excellent adjunct to the healing arts services that are licensed by the state.  During the Hypnotherapy Sessions, clients are completely aware of their surrounding and suggestions from the Hypnotherapist, however persons may become so relaxed they rarely pay attention to anything but the voice of the Hypnotherapist. The ability to visualize or imagine may be enhanced.  Most clients comment that they were truly relaxed, and have not been so relaxed in quite some time. Hypnosis is safe pleasurable and relaxing.
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